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Components of the EUC Membership


Club Membership

Includes personal use of our pool every Thursday night, access to club organized shore and boat chartered dives and issues of Fins Below newsletter



OUC Membership

OUC promotes the sport of scuba diving in Ontario through safety, advocacy, cultural & environmental awareness, self-governance.....and fun!


Liability Insurance

Comprehensive Commercial Liability Insurance protection for the club

Note: OUC membership and Liability Insurance are required for all members participating in all diving and swimming activities.

Membership Levels

Regular Membership

Regular (diving) membership is for certified divers including graduating student members and certified divers applying for Club membership.

Regular members shall either have completed Club training requirements or present satisfactory documentation of diving proficiency and demonstrate this proficiency to the satisfaction of the Training Committee. Minor certified divers joining the Club must be at least 14 years of age and must comply with the current Club Policies.

Family Membership

Family Membership is available to certified immediate family members of Regular members or Club members residing at the same mailing address.

One member pays all fees as a Regular Member and the Family Member(s) are eligible for a reduced membership fee when payment is made in one transaction. Minor certified Family members must be at least 14 years of age and must comply with the current Club Policies.

Swimming Membership

Swimming Membership is available to certified divers, or to immediate family members or members residing at the same mailing address of a Regular Member.

Swimming Members must be at least 18 years old, cannot use SCUBA in the pool and must pass a swim test if asked. Swimming members are not entitled to vote at the general meeting or sit on the executive.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to certified but inactive (not diving or swimming) members who wish to stay in touch with Club activities.

Associate Membership is available to divers interested in Club activities, but due to distance (100+km) or circumstances (eg.medical) are unable to participate. Associate members have limited benefits. They are not entitled to vote at, but are entitled to notices of meetings and other Club mailings.

Life Membership

EUC Life Memberships are granted by the Club and cannot be applied for.

Active (diving) Life members are entitled to all the privileges of Regular diving members, but are not required to pay EUC membership fees. They pay only OUC membership (unless they are OUC Life members) and insurance fees if they are active. EUC Life Memberships, upon resolution of the Board, are awarded by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a general meeting of the Club. Nomination of candidates for Life Membership may be submitted to the Executive by any Club member.

Becoming a Member

Renew Online

Online payment pages can be used by renewing members only

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Complete Application Form

EUC welcomes all certified divers. Persons wishing to join as new members should contact the Membership Director and complete the application form. Existing members can also renew their membership by completing the application form and submitting their membership payment to the Membership Director.

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Signup for Open Water Course

Open Water Course students receive their first year of membership to EUC free after completing the course.

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Online payment pages can be used by renewing members only. If you have questions on how to use the online payment or how to determine which payment plan is appropriate for you, please contact the Membership Director.