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EUC Life Memberships are granted by the Club and cannot be applied for.

•  receives all Club mailings and newsletters
•  entitled to diving and pool privileges
•  OUC membership required if diving or swimming
•  Liability Insurance coverage required if diving or swimming

Active (diving) Life members are entitled to all the privileges of Regular diving members, but are not required to pay EUC membership fees. They pay only OUC membership (unless they are OUC Life members) and insurance fees if they are active.

EUC Life Memberships, upon resolution of the Board, are awarded by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a general meeting of the Club. Nomination of candidates for Life Membership may be submitted to the Executive by any Club member.

EUC is required to keep signed membership applications for legal reasons. After making the membership payment (online by PayPal, by personal cheque or in cash) send/bring the signed and completed Membership Renewal Form to EUC. If membership was paid by PayPal bring a copy of the email confirmation of the online payment with the signed and completed membership application.