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I don't intend to dive in Canada. Can I get my checkout dives completed outside Canada (in warm waters)?

Yes. You can complete theoretical part of the Open Water course with us as well as all pool practices and then do checkouts somewhere warmer. EUC would provide you with referral and then you can complete your open water checkouts while on vacation in warmer climate.

What can I do in the pool?

On most nights, you can swim laps and practice your scuba diving skills in the pool. When using scuba diving equipment please remember to follow the pool etiquette described in the policy and procedures manual and below.

Why can't I get access to the pool right at 8:30pm (and why do I have to leave the pool before 9:30pm)?

Volunteers from our club diligently check the pool to make sure that any damage to facility (namely the tiles) was not caused by us. So, he/she needs to go over the entire pool area before anyone enters and mark the existing state of the pool. Before our pool session is finished and after everyone has exited the pool, they will have to go over the entire pool area again and get a sign off that nothing changed.

Where do I enter/exit the pool with my tank?

You will need to enter/exit the pool from the stair entrance at the shallow end.

Why do I need to leave the change room 15 minutes after then end of the pool session?

The Albion pool has policy that we need to leave the change room 15 minutes after our pool session.